Habits of Life in the Future (Energy, Costume Single Piece, Double Uniformity)


Oil reserves will not last indefinitely on earth, science will have to find a suitable replacement for energy. For some time, auto companies and other are looking for the solution to the problem and prepare their models for when this moment occurs.

In my view the solution is clear, you will have to resort to the same source that generated the above forms of energy, i.e. the sun, but in different forms such as wind, geothermal, hydroelectric or produced panels photosensitive. Some say that this energy is inefficiently saying that the sun took millennia to accumulate the energy in oil and coal, but keep in mind that these reserves represent only a fraction of the energy that arrived on the planet and that was used in that time.

It does not seem acceptable for example nuclear energy for use on earth because do not forget that this planet is an open ecosystem and therefore very sensitive to the risk of a radioactive leak, this energy is however the most appropriate in the interstellar travel, since among the stars does not reach the sun’s energy, therefore it is the only one that can be used. From my point of view is frivolous use of nuclear energy on earth only because it is cheaper to produce, the consequences of accidents for humans should also be taken into account and it is unacceptable that people in the next reactors regions have to consider as a possible hypothesis having to leave their homes for years by a radioactive leak.

Nor does it seem acceptable to use nuclear fusion energy on Earth, because it is based on the destruction of the hydrogen atoms of water for conversion into helium, I think you can solve the problem without the word destroy is taken to include in the process.

Solar energy may accumulate by batteries or be transformed into liquid fuel using the water electrolysis process by which oxygen and hydrogen atoms are removed once used as fuel only leave as residue water vapor. In the desert areas of the earth could be placed large installations of solar panels and wind windy areas in

groups, and use the remaining systems. Clearly, having a source of unlimited and secure energy such as the sun, it is unnecessary to consider any other method to produce it.


In my opinion, in the future, the type of clothing that will be used will be easier than at present essentially consist of a type of outfit that would call single piece by consisting of one piece with a central zip to open.

This suit is similar to that used in factories by the workers with a main structure of fabric with elastic waist sashes, wrists and ankles integrated into the garment.

To be controlled in future cities habit of dividing the suit into different sections in order to add or subtract clothing as the temperature there at all times of the day weather will no longer be necessary because the temperature will remain constant throughout Eventually, this would be one of the reasons for using these types of suits.

Another reason would be to give a more homogeneous both the clothes and the whole society, each person could choose the color or fabric but wearing this suit would produce a sense of integration among all citizens image, but the way using this costume will be gradual, you will surely be used in a generalized way through a referendum or vote.

With this type of clothing no longer would be difficult to decide what to wear, it is a simple garment that integrates all contained in one piece and color, shape and even color would be nothing more than an extension of the also homogeneous appearance of the human body.

Each suit would have a different color, except in working clothes, they would use the same for all members of the same group. Things like flowers or pictures disappear from the dress not have much to do with the human body covering, but work suits could have special badges and insignia or horizontal and vertical stripes.


Clothing common use would be to use two types of attire one for the outside of the body we have said and another consisting of underwear, these outfits would form a partnership with each other and encompass uses other hence the name dual uniformity.

Underwear unlike the outside would be formed by two pieces, up would be a pole or short-sleeved shirt and neck and down a brief-order to better cool the body in case of rolling up or loose top. In a sense opposite they would be as uniform, a single piece and not another, one of long limbs, and the other short, but form a good association with each other.

This type of clothing would be commonly used, but there would be no ban on using other, they would simply be the result of a process of natural evolution in modes of dress. It could also raise the possibility of using costumes in one color but two pieces, in this case it would be pants down and a sweater or jacket for the top, in this case feel warm enough to take off his jacket, but it would more difficult to maintain uniform image. The preferably clear serious underwear and darker outside.