Habits of Life in the Future (Holidays, Companies, Governance, Future Food)


It is fair and reasonable that after several days of work right to have public holidays but is an aberration interference is done with them in the calendars of some countries. Collate holidays in the middle of the workweek only causes disruption of the activity without any reason. Weeks must have five working days of eight hours each or six days and six hours, and only in the case of holiday periods weeks or months would be used. Excuses to stop labor activity in the middle of the week is harmful to both people and businesses, and the fact prevent this does not mean that it will have to work longer hours because that is calculated differently.


In my opinion in the societies of the future will not exist today rivalries between left and right because this way of understanding the economy and politics will disappear. The market economy that gives advantage to competitiveness on an economy system type communist prevail as the most dynamic and effective companies give better response to citizens’ demands are those that must prevail as this is what leads to progress of themselves and their workers. The private economy is more effective than other methods because in an effort to improve its products and therefore their purchasing power, companies step improve the society they serve and their workers. But that should not lead to neglect the needy, some believe that support private enterprise comes with being cruel to the poor, but actually fight for the eradication of poverty is the best way to ensure the existence of privileges, if those who do not want to feel threatened.

In the near future you happen to have two groups or social classes, one would be formed by the leading sectors as politicians and businessmen and other formed by the working class, eventually the salaries of these two groups will increasingly similar, to lose the fear of poverty, which is the origin of some fortunes, but also because given less importance to personal and more profit to the development of human values, this process will be a gradual and voluntary basis. Therefore the third group, the indigent, would disappear by implementing birth control policies and migratory movements. In addition there will be a certain indefinite strike by anyone stay unassisted in the case of losing your job, this grant will consist of a number of small but enough to live money, it is better to give a little help to many a great help just also large unemployment benefits do not contribute to stimulate the desire to work, in exchange for the unemployed are obliged to accept job offers that the state provide them.

An evolved society is one that guarantees its citizens basic rights such as health work and housing, but always with consideration for the beneficiaries, such as being willing to accept the jobs offered by the state or enforce control laws birth would limit the number of children to two per couple in most cases, these measures would be needed to avoid depletion of social resources

that after all are the key to a society in which all basic needs they are satisfied.


In the future, the use of banknotes and coins disappear and exist only money based on electronic methods such as credit cards. The hypothesis to think of a world without money is not logical, since it would not be possible to distribute products equitably and that would avoid wastages. However disappear inflation, as prices will have a constant value based on its quality and not speculative interest.

The salary would be introduced in the income citizens and credit card everyone could use it without having to handle the annoying coins, this would benefit mainly supermarkets that charge should not ask or give cash.


In the future wildcat strikes they disappear, because it is the result of a political approach, in which priority is given the right to strike on citizens to have their basic needs met.

It will not treat both consider what must be the minimum service to be, but to be certain key occupations that will not have recognized such a right, because it is vital services that an interruption of their business however small can cause major damage to society. Services such as the army, police, hospitals, cleaning, transportation and politics would not have recognized such a right, to change these professions may have some committees that directly negotiate their working conditions with the government, but always from a position of respect for the law. Unions in this context without left nor right nor wildcat strikes will have to evolve towards a more oriented law and the legal profession and less towards citizen protest in the streets approach. Unions sometimes claims employers are presented as if they had unlimited resources and fail to recognize that ultimately those resources are paid by the workers themselves that it claims to defend, such unions should be the first to promote it employees

who work more against those who, in order to prevent fraud, which basically is a way of injustice among the workers themselves are rewarded for it a useful system would be deducted up to fifteen days of vacation or the equivalent annual salary in the case of low whose motive is not working, or reward more vacation days to workers who have not taken casualties. With these passive safety systems would no longer be necessary to have a large number of inspectors to check the bona fides of citizens, since to do so it would be an economic system that would encourage them not to consider fraud as a form of enrichment and end all workers would benefit.


In the future, the government systems of today will disappear to make way for genuine democracy, in which citizens support only when a law in a majority this will succeed.

The current political model emerged as a tool to snatch landowners and feudal lords the power wielded absolute form and give it to the new form of power that represented the bourgeoisie, but this social revolution required the support of the people to make it possible, this is how emerged the current political parties and parliamentary monarchies.

But this form of democracy is clearly ephemeral to only allow citizens to participate in power once every four years, but only to choose a leader, why politicians exacerbate the aggressiveness of citizens against other parties and so once lose its capacity for independent vision, choose to vote for one or the other, thus nullifying all his power until the next elections. True democracy will be in the future will be the choice of every law, which can be done easily through internet or other means, false disputes between left and right in which nothing of what is said is true is finished and only the humiliation of hand and power obtaining sought.

Each month the state will issue a bulletin with all laws wishing to approve and only in the event that most citizens give approval these laws will do well, the power struggles will no longer be necessary because there will be no power to achieve, because the

final decision to approve each and every one of the laws is in the hands of citizens.

Comfortably and from home may cast their vote via the Internet. For agree with the proposed state simply do nothing and the process will continue, but disagree may be indicated on the form will contain all new laws to pass.

In the future there will be no monarchy, as it is in direct contradiction with the principle of equality of all citizens before the law, all political positions are open to all citizens, the monarchy had felt in the past in societies where nations they were small and simple systems of government and not given to equality in the future but only a political approach towards justice and equality of citizens’ rights will prevail. At the international level will favor the existence of a common language and a government of the united nations unprivileged in the vote as it exists now, in which some countries have a veto rights that refuses to others, vote in this place will be by majority vote and the seat can rotate among all races and continents.


Surely in the future or guaranteed free health will be extended to all citizens of the planet. In the background, the governments of some countries that do not include this right try to believe that unassisted is as if they were not citizens of the same country, but the exclusion does not help the progress of societies, every citizen of a country or a city should be considered as part of the whole system and therefore have both the labor market and in health.


Gradually, society will go to an approach based on an exclusively vegetarian or said feed otherwise a diet that does not include meat into its components food, it is logical that a world evolved to choose the type of food that opts for a pacifist attitude excludes death without animals as one of your choices. This would desirable plant foods were produced with similar to animal type characteristics.

It is a myth to think that diet should include animal protein strength, because nothing is less the type of plant. Some people to avoid a scientific and objective analysis of the question seeks to use alleged medical reasons to justify, but there is no real reason that prevents a plant food, since both proteins and vegetable fats have nothing to envy of origin animal. In addition, some studies indicate that vitamin B12 can be produced naturally by the body. The myth of the flesh has only led the West to become an obese society and it would be done with it.


It is also a mistake to think that a diet that excludes salt or sugar is better, since these two elements are essential in the diet, salt enhances the body and sugar mind, salt is involved in bone formation and in the production of the necessary blood pressure for life and sugar arguably is the fuel of mind, since it is with sugar with nerve impulses that control the body and the important brain activities occur. Certainly there are people who for a certain disease can not consume more than in small amounts, but it is wrong to deny the merit and importance to health. As in many other things, food, moderation is the best option.


Once you start with the colonization of the moons and planets possibly will begin with the widespread production of totally artificial foods, this does not mean that these foods consist of pills or something, since they will be virtually identical to the previous ones and with similar nutritional properties the digestive system has certain requirements and food have to adapt to them.

In the future the process of providing homes necessities like food no longer involve taken to move continuously to supermarkets, because with the installation of a small forklift homes of these products will be provided simply ordering on a computer, some departments located in the same buildings are responsible for sending automatically.


In my opinion, food is divided into a cycle of four meals all day, two large and two small that alternately and harmoniously happen, i.e. the breakfast is a light meal will follow the midday meal will be greater, and most small snack dinner. It is true that large meals necessarily have to coincide with big jobs, since the body can accumulate energy, it is also pernicious work and food match at the same time, for the digestion process.


In the future the judicial system will be designed in order to be a service for the citizen rather well as an instrument of state convictions have crimes is life imprisonment added to correspond to the sum of crimes committed when they were perfectly feasible.

There will be no extenuating circumstances for those who commit crimes while intoxicated, since every adult is responsible for his actions and therefore is able to not make them, and if they have an addiction problem ask for help, because first is vice and after the addition. Also there is the possibility that a criminal a profit or compensation for damages suffered during the commission of a crime, since it is one thing to punish a law enforcement officer or a victim molest him and quite another to encourage financially to the criminal, which would become an act in favor of crime.

Nor is it logical that prisoners considered as a burden for the state, it is right that in all prisons workshops with which prisoners pay expenses that may cause further to compensate the victims are installed.


It is reasonable to think that eventually the weapons will disappear from the earth’s surface or at least reducing their amount, once the planet completes its political unification will no longer have felt the old national rivalries that were one of the reasons for its existence, too the world’s progress towards a more

humanistic social model could contribute to this, nuclear energy should be relegated solely for strategic deterrence and rejected in use for propulsion of ships or submarines, because to do so they can be used without any problem other fuels with lower risk, it is regrettable that arranged an inexhaustible energy such as solar, man problems is sought using nuclear energy, this energy should only be used in interstellar travel because it is the only place where solar energy does not come.

But in space, it is likely that conflicts may take a little longer to disappear because of the territorial problems that may arise in the process of distribution and colonization of the solar system. This happened previously when European nations strove to keep the peace, but foreign disputes occurred over control of the colonies, it would be desirable that in this case the process of colonization of the planets is done in a more unbiased and objective.

Stun guns: It is also regrettable that today weapons of crippling type are so underdeveloped, there are many conflicts in which these weapons could be used and make it easier the work of law enforcement without requiring resorting to the classic deadly weapons, in cases like flight of the offender or aggression, these weapons could solve the situation without bloodshed or fight, a model could be a gun that would have two parallel chargers, one would have normal bullets and the other stun bullets, these bullets would consist of a liquid anesthetic darts once give your target would cause loss of consciousness within seconds and several minutes later would the effect.

The use of these weapons would make the work of the police more humane and less dangerous for them as citizens, both as the world evolves towards the end desirable crime.