How To Know If You Have Bed Bug

Before you move on to how to get rid of the bed bug from your house, we want to stop for a short moment and determine just what you need to do to know that you actually have them.

Now, you will keep in mind that it can be difficult to know if the pest infesting your house is actually that of a bed bug. While only a expert that looks at them carefully will be able to tell you right off if they are bed insects, it is fairly much sure that if you have these signs that you are swarmed with bed bugs in one from or another.

Signs You Have Bed Bugs:

Here are some factors to look at to consider if you do in fact have bed insects in your house.

  • Obviously, if you see a bed bug then you would likely know that there is more than one there. You would likely need to look for the bed bug to actually identify it, though.
  • You may see blood vessels stains on your bed linens. This is usually due to the bed bug being mashed while it is on the host. For example, you may rolled over onto the bed bug while it is feeding.
  • Brownish or reddish spots on the bed linens or clothing can be signs as well. These are the fecal matter of the bed bug. Waste can be discovered on the sheets, bed mattress, on the surfaces, or on other places that they journey.
  • If you discover factors such as eggshells or dead epidermis (skin) on your flooring surfaces, bed linens or on your bed mattress, this can be a indication of bed insects. These are usually discovered on places that are near to their concealing locations.
  • If you have a very huge attack in your house, you may have an mysterious fragrance in the house. This will be a sweet yet musty fragrance to it. Usually, it is offensive and is recognizable when you come into your home.
  • It is regular to just have one bite mark indicate on one’s whole body, but a tell tale indication that you have bed insects is the look of three bites marks in a row. Actually, these are often caused by the activity of the bug in a range as it looks for the same vein it had before it was disturbed.
  • A great way to notice them is to use a method that will allow you to detect their presence. To do this, simply plan to turn on a light without moving much from your bed just a few hours or so before dawn. At this time of the day, the bed bugs are most actively seeking their host. Use a flashlight to catch them in the act or on the bedding.

Set A Trap:

If you really want to see for yourself that there are bed bugs in your house or in your bed, you can set a snare to do so. Here are some things that you can do to see their presence in your house.

  • Place sticky tape, sticky side up on the area around your bed. As the animal crawls over it, they will stick to it. This will not necessary stop all of them, though.
  • Place warming or heating pads in a place that is pitched-black. This is especially efficient when you have used the heating pad in previous times. Use tape to capture them or you can just watch out for their existence.
  • You can use either of these methods and combine them by placing a balloon that has been filled by mouth in the area. Remember, bed bugs are attracted to the carbon monoxide that people exhale. This will help to lure them in.

A snare like these can help you to attract in the bed insects so you can actually see if you have an attack. Of course, there is no assurance that the bed bug will in reality react to these kinds of trap blocks.

Store Purchased Products:

There are also products available on the industry that you can purchase that can help you. These are usually marketed as products to help you to get rid of bed insects. Whether they work because of this is another story. But, they can definitely help you to know if you have bed insects in your home.

These products are quite like that of flea trap blocks where they will attract the insect into the snare and are expected to keep them there. Unfortunately, most of these trap blocks are really only excellent for identifying if you have bed insects in your home. Most are not nearly efficient when it comes to ridding the house of the unwanted pests.

Other Signs:

All of the factors that we have discussed thus far in that article are excellent indicators that you have bed insects. If you notice them, think you notice marks on your epidermis (skin) or on your children’s epidermis, then you may have an attack of bed bugs in your house.

Those that travel or have visited homes in which there are an infestation should take care as to determine if they too have brought the bed bugs into the home.

Beyond a question, the best way to know if there are bed bugs in your house is to use an experienced professional. They will come out and look for the tell tale signs and being an expert will be able to tell you for sure what they have discovered.