Phantom Limb in Depression

One patient came to a hospital with severe pain on the left leg and the doctor had to cut it off while he was still in an unconscious state. After treatment,

he recuperated after a few days, his wound recovered and closed up to normal, but he still did not know that he has already lost his leg.As the patient woke up with full consciousness, he kept on complaining of his pain on the missing leg, and doctor showed him that indeed, he had no leg already. He stiffened for a while and start crying again. He didn’t know why, but he extremely feels pain on that spot as if it still exists.

The case of this patient clearly shows his consciousness is exactly aware that he had no leg further but his subconscious had not yet accepted the reality and registered with this new status and continued to send pain signal to the brain,but as it could not communicate with that limb, to drive the brain and body for whatsoever remedy since in some case those people whose limbs were cut off can still be fixed back by a doctor. The patient may keep on crying like this for a while until really no hope, maybe 4-5

months, then stop and accept the new status of no leg.

This kind of mental denial can not only be found in physical cases, even in mental cases of love can still be found. Once one loss their love, mental illness will persist to have their love back to life up to 4-5 months before it faded away. Anyway, we can be assured that it will cease to exist someday, every case always comes to the realization of its reality.