Seeds Need Darkness to Sprout

Many new marketers make the mistake of exposing their newly planted seeds to sunlight before they are able to withstand sunlight. Seeds need darkness to grow!

As with so many things in life, this story has two sides and you will have to find the right balance.

On the one hand, we all need support when we start a new business venture or decide on a new choice of career. Especially the support of family, friends and peers.

Is it really essential? I guess not… However, having the right kind of support certainly makes it a lot easier and not having support can make your life very difficult.

People are often very sceptical of change. As far as your family is concerned, change may affect their sense of security. Friends may be concerned that you are making a mistake and peers may even ridicule you.

As previously discussed, we are all different. Although you may be really excited about the great possibilities internet marketing has to offer don’t expect too many people to share your views.

In all honesty, most people know nothing about internet marketing and some may even associate it with get rich quick scams!

You see, many very successful business people failed many times before they became rich and famous. Furthermore, it can take several months or years before you start making a good income online.

There are no guarantees, especially not in the beginning.

By giving away too much information about your activities in the early stages of your online business you risk a lot. For how long will your wife support you if you have not been able to earn money online after three months of spending countless hours behind your computer?

Do you really think your husband will have faith in your ability to make money online after yet another “opportunity” ended in failure?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to sound negative here. It is not impossible to make some decent money right from the beginning but most people have to go through a steep learning curve before they taste the rewards of success.

It is during this time that you have to maintain a balance between not giving too much away while receiving the support and understanding you need in order to continue. You don’t want to create very high expectations but on the other hand you will need some support.

What is the best way to handle this situation? There is no single right answer but I do recommend the following:

Always start part-time. Only consider going full-time if and when you have no doubts that following your internet marketing passion will equal or exceed the income you are earning in your current job.

There are many successful internet marketers that have no plans on quitting their jobs. They simply enjoy having fun online and earning an extra income from it.

Do not be 100% dependant on making money from internet marketing.

Certainly not in the beginning anyway.

If you have no or little experience in internet marketing and are desperate for money rather get a job until such time as you are earning a sufficient part-time income from internet marketing.

Explain to your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, parents or anyone you need support from that you really believe you can make a success of internet marketing.

Tell them that it is a steep learning curve, will take a lot of your time and that you have no idea how soon you will be able to start making money but that it is

something that makes you happy and that you are passionate about. You can even tell them it is your hobby. Why not?

I sincerely believe that by following the above recommendations you will be giving your freshly planted seeds the best opportunity to sprout.