Sense of Ownership

Susan is a car lover, her car is being kept in a good appearance and good condition all the time, no dirt is allowed even to a slight. She always keeps her car clear

and clean to the tit even the engine chamber. Nobody can touch her car without her being anxious with her eyes fixated on the car. One day she got an accident on her way back home, her car had a little dent on the left front door, she kept on looking at it for a few hours with severe pain on her mind and tried every effort to rub it away but to no avail.

On the next day she couldn’t endure this pain further, so she decided to sell it out.

On the car transfer day, after she got the money on hand and planned to get a new car, a big tree branch accidentally drops on the car after the buyer drove off from her house. The incident frightened Susan a lot, but no sign of mental pain as it used to be, the only sign of sympathy left in her eyes instead. This is the question of ownership and how it affects the body with pain or

mental illness.

Firstly, we should understand how ownership works, Once we possess some properties, our memory will register on survival data tool marked as protected for the sake of survival. In this case, Susan’s car being registered on her memory as a precious survival tool, it gave her convenience on energy saving in terms of traveling and represented her wealth and honor which lead to respect and power that directly connects to her self-worth and existence hence this car must be protected with utmost care.

Once it is sold off, the car is being disposed from her surviv-al-tool database and would no longer trigger any sense of protection on her self-worth, after repeated incidents with the car, since the car’s image that she saw this time cannot match with any assets data on hand,then Susan may not have such mental rage or illness.

In term of this, we may conclude that it’s is only what is being identified as a survival tool can trigger our fight for protection or feel heartache once it gets lost or damaged, while no much feeling on others since it triggers nothing except we find that there will be some sort of benefit to show off a feeling of sadness or if we put ourselves in their shoes, this is the matter of Ownership.

Queuing is also another good sample of Ownership. Today’s traffic was extremely in chaos, Sharon was in a gloomy and boring state owing to the fact that she has been held for more than 2 hours in the traffic, just 3-4 meters move per flow. Her icy cold eyes now glanced at one car in the left corner of her car, that was

about to rush out once there is a flow. After a few minutes as the cars ahead moved, Sharon immediately moved over the car to head on just only 3-4 meters off with a ferocious acceleration. What is the benefit of this action? Why take such reckless action for just a 3-4 meters advantage over the car?.

The reason is due to the matter of ownership. Queuing is also an asset, even its ethereal but also registered on survival tools database since it can save time and energy while traveling which may affect another’s benefit of some deal or prevent late Arrival which could have consequences.

From this, we can see that it’s indeed not the matter of time or distance, but just the matter of ownership

Repeated transcendence of these root causes from time to time may trigger our consciousness and see the real deal that went on through our subconscious operation.