You Can’t Hide Behind your Computer in Internet Marketing

Most people hate rejection. In fact, I believe this to be one of the main reasons people hate face to face selling and why very few people still do door-to-door selling.

Well, with ecommerce getting more popular all the time many closet salesmen are convinced they have found the ideal way to sell products without risking face to face rejection. After all, isn’t it better if a potential customer simply does not respond to your promotion instead of slamming a door in your face? Yes and no.

You see, by hiding behind your computer it is really difficult to learn and improve sales techniques.

Most offline salespeople are trained to sell. They are trained to spot certain signals from the buyer indicating his readiness to buy.

They are trained to overcome objections. They often personalize a sales pitch based on the specific customer they are dealing with online selling is more difficult than offline.

You don’t have to deal with the same type of rejection that you find offline but your online rejection rate will be much higher than offline.

Having a laser sharp focus is the best online alternative to personal interaction. A very specific niche and a very good sales copy.

People search for specific information, often to solve a specific problem.

How many people have a problem with “dogs”? I would guess many thousands. However, can you solve thousands of problems in one sales letter? No. In fact, by being too general you are not going to succeed simply because people are not searching for general information.

You Need To be Very Specific

Your niche should be focused on a very specific problem such as hair loss in dogs. The more specific the better. This way you will be able to offer a highly targeted solution. You will be in a much better position to identify with your customers and they will feel that you really understand their problems.

By being very specific you will be able to write a sales letter that really “speaks” to your audience.

In fact, they should feel as if it has been purposely written with them in mind.

How often have you read a book or article that describes exactly what you are going through?

A book or article that really “speaks” to you…

That is what you need to aim for in online marketing.

It is the closest you can get to personal interaction without actually talking to someone in person.

Building Relationships

You have to subtly convince potential customers that having a commercial relationship with you is in their best interests because you understand their needs and can offer them solutions.

It is difficult to build commercial relationships online

You cannot compare a close friendship to the relationship between you and your local fruit and vegetable store. However, there is a relationship.

Chances are you support and will continue to support your local fruit and vegetable store if you have any type of relationship with them. Maybe the sales lady is very helpful, friendly and greets you by your first name.

Many online marketers try too hard to sell before building a relationship with their potential customers!

By trying too hard people will invariable question your motives.

They may think things like “He is so friendly. I wonder what he wants from me” or “This guy is obviously only after my money”.

It is very easy to try too hard and to scare potential customers away.