Habits of Life in the Future (Discarded Options)



Things like high and pointy heels would make no sense for the continuation used in the future, being an aberrant and harmful way of footwear, both men and women use the same type of suit and the same mode of footwear, as foreign human form just it is different and it makes no sense cause differences artificially without reason. The shoe will generally be similar to the type of sport today, but without laces and consistent with the look of the suit.


Another absurd habit that will disappear will be the tie, this piece originally was intended to be a sort of reinforcement to protect the neck in winter, but later became an almost obligatory subject in certain social groups, and may be forty degrees these groups in an

almost robotic form, still without letting the useless object. It is unfortunate that sometimes the custom is to send about men and not the common sense and reason as the helm of their lifestyle.


Man strives to question the work of nature and as a result cosmetics, paints things like lips and eyes are another absurd habit of society emerged. The human body is perfect in nature and does not need to be intended to improve with these absurd paintings, is a sign of progress that have women realize this and tend to abandon it, the beauty should come from the qualities of each person and not the primitive paintings.

As for the perfume its purpose must be to avoid unpleasant odors and not to give the body a scent itself, it is better that people have a neutral odor more in keeping with its nature to provide another artificial, it should promote hygiene over the use of body scents for example with showers and frequent silent and underwear would move daily and abroad every week, some appliances would dry the clothes by using hot air in a few minutes. Instead fresheners are acceptable to provide pleasant odors where deemed appropriate.


Human insecurity in itself as well as the desire to appear more important than it is, gave as a result the appearance of the jewelry. This is a custom peculiar to backward societies that will surely disappear over time, it is necessary that people try to improve their own inner values and stop looking given more importance in an unreal way, as expressed with jewels, paintings or tattoos, not that this evil be attractive, but these methods are objectionable because they try to distort human reality.


Another custom that will disappear is to have pets in homes. For centuries man served them as a company or to assist in various

tasks, but in the future this will no longer be needed and the best way to thank would return them to their natural environment, thereafter the animals will have some territories and places to live in freedom and without feeling threatened by people.


In the future, as now, it will be normal that women take longer than men hair, arguably them its length is proportional to its femininity, as if it were a non-verbal language, so it is better than men take him short, but not too much.


Another way to improve the living habits and thus the health of people would be the implementation of a system of stable schedules so that the rhythms of day and night can switch in a harmonious way. Using reference hours or preferably stockings and keeping pace stably be achieved to improve the quality of life, things like staying up late if you have a cause that justifies it leads to damage in the brain, besides being a little ecological attitude to underestimating the sunlight for part of the day.


Throughout time man has been concerned about how to reduce the excessive work with which it has had to perform many of the tasks of life and came to think that the work itself was inconvenient as such.

However raise the perfect society as a world without work is a big mistake, because the man in nature is actually done for that purpose. What is not acceptable is to think that life is to be devoted only to work, because the right thing is to consider work as a complement of life and not its sole raison d’etre.

Another big mistake is to think that man at a certain time of life must be completely shirk the working world, this happens because it looks too much work as little as an obligation and a rich complement of life.

Work is necessary for the full realization of the person regardless of age you have, the body needs a certain amount of exercise each day to stay healthy, when retirement becomes idle the consequence is death, not only because the harm posed by the lack of body movement, but also the feeling of worthlessness that many elderly acquire in that situation, it is a fallacy to say that we will exercise dancing or walking, because one is not born to engage in those simple functions, the greatest need are not squeezed out of the labor market, but it is also necessary to make this world a more humane environment that considers the welfare of the workers as their top priority. For older people could allocate jobs as rangers or support new workers, would be tasks where productivity is not a priority, so his life would be more enjoyable. In any case the task would be voluntary, unpaid and in line with the health status of each person. At the end of the day the goal of life is to seek happiness and work well run is one of the instruments to achieve this, a certain amount every day can be a good antidepressant, is one of the major life activities of human being but also an essential form of natural stimulus. Integrates work, entertains and provides an occupation, it would be illogical a future in which they tried to eradicate something so useful.