Voluntary and Involuntary

Alice is a benevolent person, many foundations recog-nized her as a good supporter. She always paid big fund for charity including a few monthly supports

for orphans. However, her fairy appearance does not lasts long all the times, especially when she bought something overpriced, and happened to know afterward. She will get mad at the one who takes chance on her then turn to be a witch at that certain moment. Her rages sored high, blood pressure rushed up to Zone 6 with the risk of faint or instant shock. This problem of hers happens intermittently, and efforts made to analyze the reactions towards the incidents that usually affects her body or mind. always being picked up from time to time to analyses on what functions of her body or mind.

Alice can donate big fund for charity without giving a sigh, but why would this little-overpriced matter hurt her to this extent. The reasons also fall back to the mysterious phase of ‘ignorance’.

In this case, after several interviews on peoples who also was

subjected to this syndrome, we found that the problem is not the value of money itself, it’s the problem of pride and prestige as against mockery. ‘Giving’ feeds her pride while ‘Being Cheated’ or undue advantage attacks her ego. Value of loss in term of money may be humongous but the loss of face or mockery is infuriating as high to the sky. Hence this crazy attitude of Alice came from a profound command of the subconscious on the rule of pride or to be seen as a giver, perhaps to gain respect and power that feeds our ego, while being a victim of derision or loss on self-protection is a big caution on our survival potential.

Through down to the root cause of her usual crazy response to this peculiar incidents, if Alice can take this cheating as one of her giving transaction or charity works, there should be no further grudge on her mind, then the subconscious may release its constriction and put her heart free from constraints.